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We have the top Lawyers in Chiang Mai and we are able to provide a fantastic Notary Public service throughout all of Thailand, so if you are looking for a Notary Service near you we are the number one service.

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Notarization of documents is very important, especially if you are trying to find work in a foreign country like Thailand, that’s why we work very closely with Foreign Nationals and Expats that have come to Thailand to start a business or find employment.

The most Frequently notarized documents

§ International contracts and agreements

§ Commercial and Personal documents

§ Power of Attorney for use abroad

§ Copy of documents as true copies

§ Certificates (Birth, Marriage and Death)

§ Copy of passport or ID card

§ Educational degree or certificate

§ Criminal record certificate

§ Proof of address or Domicile

§ Documents needed to open a bank account

§ Documents needed to buy, sell or transfer a property

§ Property documents for use abroad

§ Legal documents for use abroad

§ Translated documents

§ Affidavit

§ Bank documents and letters

§ Business documents such as Company resolutions, minutes, contracts, and reports

§ Company documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association


Key Benefits Of This Service

Chiang Mai Lawyer

We are the best at what we do...Check out our list of available Notary Services below.

1. Verification of Documents Signatures to ensure authenticity
2. Identity Certification of an agreement for all parties
3. Administration of Oaths and affirmations
4. Attestation and certification of certain classes of documents
5. Certify documents such as government issued legal documents.
6. Witness to the signing of parties to documents

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