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Thai Law Can be a Minefield, that's where we come in.

We are experts in Thai Law and our Teams of Lawyers have thousands of hours dealing with a wide range of legal disputes. Our Litigation Lawyers are bi-lingual and specialize helping foreigners with the Legal system in Thailand. Thai Law can often be biased against Foreigners, we always make sure our clients get treated fairly and provide the best possible service available in Thailand.

Our Fields of Practice

Chiang Mai Lawyer

If you need help with one of these, we are the best in Thailand.

1. Civil Law - Breach of Contract, Debt 2. Collection, Property Disputes
3. Criminal Law - Theft, Drug Offences, Criminal Negligence, Money Laundering, Assault, Fraud 4. Family Law - Child Custody, Adoption, Child Visitation, Child repudiation, Divorce 5. Labour Disputes 6. Extradition 7. Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Unlawful Acts (TORTS) 8. Trade Disputes 9. Intellectual Property DIsputes

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At Chiang Mai Lawyer Group we are committed to helping both Thai and Foreign nationals with the same attention to detail.

Every case gets our upmost attention and we are always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. We deliver top notch traditional and non-traditional legal services specially tailored to a range of financial abilities. We make sure to take our time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns and tailor solutions that directly correspond to individual needs.

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